Where Should I Build? Property Types Explained


Here are the 3 main types of property to consider when looking for land for your dream home.


1. Rural Communities

Land in rural communities usually consist of larger lots around 2-5 acres that are just outside of the city & nearby towns. There will be neighbors, but with a good amount of space between each home. Utilities may vary. Electric will always be available, but you could have septicsewer & water, or wellGas and/or propane will also depend on the location. This type of property could be right for you if you’d like space but would still like to be part of a community.


2. Large Tracks Of Rural Land

Land that is between 5 – 30+ acres is considered a large track of land. These properties are generally found further out from the city & the closest neighbors may be a few miles away. Utilities will be similar to a Rural Community. This location could be right for you if you’re interested in gardening, owning farm animals, and/or enjoy outdoor activities. With wide open spaces & fresh air, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy all the things you love.


3. Standard Communities

Neighborhoods & communities typically have standard size lots between ¼ – 1 acre. These lots usually come with access to city utilities such as sewerwaterelectric, and gas. Neighborhoods will require specific floor plan designs & have deed restrictions that you will need to abide by when building. Standard communities are usually maintained by a homeowners’ association that is covered by your annual HOA fees. This location may be right for you if you’d like close neighbors & community living.


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