Add On or Build New?

What to do when your house no longer fits your needs.

Many changes can take place in a household that will require more space.  Children are born, elderly parents move in, disabilities develop, or any number of circumstances.

Interior Renovation

In some cases, your home may have adequate square footage, but the layout doesn’t meet your current needs.  Re-designing portions of your interior may be the most cost effective solution for you.  There is no need for the expenses that accompany an addition. And your yard remains intact!


Adding On

It is not uncommon to add on. Quite often, the rest of the house is suitable for family needs, but the addition of another bedroom, bathroom or in-law suite will be the best solution to your family’s growth.


New Build

If your family life is set for long-term, you might want to consider building a new home.  This is your chance to have a more efficient kitchen, additional bathrooms, extra parking, or a larger backyard!

How to Decide What’s Right for You

Start by determining your current and future needs.  No one can predict how their family will change or grow.  But giving thought to realistic possibilities is a way to establish some guidelines. Awareness of your finances is also important in this decision making process. You also want to be careful that you don’t “out-price” your neighborhood and jeopardize potential resale.  Our team at Gibraltar Custom Builders can offer advice based on similar projects and the direction chosen.