Adding Value to Your Home: Five Ways To Improve

Adding value doesn’t have to be a huge remodel; These five ways could possibly add thousands of dollars to your property’s resale value, and give you a sense of satisfaction with your current space. 

1. Storage Space

Small houses or older properties without much storage can lead to clutter. Find multi-purpose furniture, for example, that offers hidden storage. A coffee table with a lift-out lid, or a couch with storage space in the bench, will add extra storage without adding to the clutter. There are also many different storage solutions to maximize space. 

2. Renovate Your Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen and a kitchen renovation can be an easy way to add both practical and monetary value to your home.

Revamping older kitchen layouts,  can give you more effective and open space for entertaining and immediate value. This could be as simple as changing cupboards and appliances around to utilize the space better. 

A small renovation doesn’t have to be a large investment. You can spruce up with new cupboard doors or flooring can make the kitchen space feel more modern, bright, and welcoming.

3. Spruce Up Landscaping

Find yourself a landscaper or get your fingers dirty! Spend some time investing in the landscaping of the exterior of your property to create a more inviting and entertaining environment. If your space is hard to manage, consider adding paving or decking for low-maintenance gardening. If your hedges block out the light, it’s time to trim them back. Simple changes and upgrades will give your home a more inviting look and add immediate face value to your property. 

4. Refresh With New Paint

When was the last time your home was painted? Adding a fresh coat of paint or changing up the color scheme can really impact the value of your home and give you a new look at what you have.

5. Give It A Deep Clean

If you really want to add value to your home, invest in a deep cleaning service. Getting years of grime out of the floors, cupboards, and walls will make it feel like you’ve got a new house. 

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