Common Mistakes To Avoid

There are so many things to think about when building a new home that it’s easy to overlook some common mistakes.

Building a custom house takes a lot of planning, but the details are what turns it into a beautiful home! Avoiding the following mistakes will make the building process so much easier. 

Poor Space Planning

Consideration for every detail is important during conceptual design of the space. Use of space and traffic flow need to be thought out as the floor plans are developing. Otherwise, limited or wasted space may unknowingly become part of your house. If these unique nooks and corners are unavoidable, use them for storage or display areas. Don’t leave out areas such as mud rooms, closets, and offices when planning. Specialty rooms require different design features that will need to be included early on. The more thought and detail put into the floor plan design up front will result in a custom home that is both beautiful and functional!

Bad Lighting

Lighting is everything! It can bring a space to life. It can set a mood. It can bring attention to a designated area.  Lighting layout needs to be discussed during the conceptual design phase.  Expressing your desires for the finished space will help determine not only where to place fixtures, but also how to achieve the looks wanted using natural and electric lights.

Inefficient Bedroom Layout

Deciding how many bedrooms and where to place them can be difficult. Not only does budget come into the equation, but questions need to be answered regarding current and future use of these rooms.  Questions such as how many children will be living in this house; how often will overnight guests be invited; is it important for the master suite to be on the main level or same level as children? In many house plans, bedrooms tend to be included as an afterthought and don’t really function as well as they could. 


The goal of your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is to provide thermal comfort and good indoor air quality. Pay careful attention to this detail when planning your home’s layout. Certain systems do not perform well and can cause mold growth. At Gibraltar Custom Builders, we pay attention to these details, so you don’t have to worry!

Inadequate Input

Ask questions! If this is your first custom home, we strongly recommend that you ask as many questions as possible.  There are no dumb questions! This will ensure that from the beginning you will be aware of what is taking place so that you feel confident during whole process. Not only does this help save time and money, but it will be more enjoyable for your family as you rely on professionals to guide you.

Choice of Builder

Our team of professionals at Gibraltar Custom Builders is excited to partner with you and answer any questions and concerns along the way. We believe building a home is more than just constructing a house; it’s creating a life for your family. Consider Gibraltar Custom Builders as you plan your new home!