Our Design Process

Design Matters To Us

Design matters. Period. Great design makes your home a perfect fit –  meeting your needs and desires. Great design makes it flow – fitting into your lifestyle. The Design-Build format is the most ideal for accomplishing great design.  Our process for achieving great design begins with your dream. Let us make this dream into reality!


You visualize a new house for a growing family. Or a more functional kitchen for multiple cooks. Or extra living space for aging parents. Whatever your needs, they start with a dream. As you find inspiration online, in magazines, or elsewhere, start collecting these to share with our design team.


During our initial meeting with you, we will take detailed notes of your vision for your project. The more you share with our team, the better we can collaborate with you on ideas to meet your needs and desires. This meeting is the first step toward bringing your dreams to life!


The next step involves preliminary cost estimating. Once you commit to move forward, we will begin work with our architectural team on design development. We work closely with you through this step to help make early design choices that will aid in the estimating of the final design.


Once plans have been approved and design preferences finalized, we will create a detailed contract for your review. The more questions answered prior to start of building, the less chance of delays during the construction process.


The scheduling process begins and your project will initiate when a firm decision is made. Factors that can impact the schedule include timing of contract approval and current building season peaks. Our goal is to work as closely within your timeline as possible!


Communication is key. It is one of the most important aspects of our process! During each stage, we will update you on the progress of your project. It is our hope that the connection is two-sided. Any questions or concerns you have throughout the project are welcome!

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