Our Design Process

Design Matters To Us

Design Matters. Period. Great design is what makes your home fit perfectly for your needs and desires. Design makes it flow. Design makes it a part of your life. That’s why our Design/Build process is a perfect combination for our clients. For You. It’s a collection of ideas, your ideas, and concepts to help you combine the perfect design for your home.

study_cover Design Process


What's The Process?


You've been dreaming of a new home...or you've always wanted a new design of your kitchen...or some extra space at the end of your house. We help your dreams and visions come to life. So while you’re envisioning all of these designs start looking online and through magazines for inspiration and looks you love. Collect your ideas and share them with our design team

Meet & Greet

Our owner will meet with you personally to see what you've been envisioning. Throughout the meet & greet notes will be taken and your vision will be written down to help our design team begin the next steps of our process. This is the chance you get to go over your wants and needs.

Plan It Out

Let's plan it out. The next steps is planning out costs, designs, and creating an estimate for you to review and decide how you want to move forward with your dream. We'll work with our architectural team, if needed, to get the design perfect for your project.

Bring It Home

After everything has been decided on and commitments made, we bring everything together for your final review of our plan for your project.


Our scheduling process begins when a firm decision is made. We will work closely to your preferred timeline as possible; this all depends on when contracts are signed and peaks of building season.


Communication is key. It's one of the most important aspects of our process. During each and every project stage, we'll be in contact with you and every necessary entity to make this process as smooth as possible.

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